AI Roundup 23-4-2024 – Llama 3’s Impact on Open Source, NVIDIA GPU Innovations, and More

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A comparison between Llama3-70B and GPT-4 shows Llama3 performing impressively in tasks like predicting actions and answering USMLE questions. Top voices like Ashpreet Bedi and Brian Roemmele are praising Llama3’s capabilities. Find out more about Llama3’s integration with @huggingface ecosystem and its ability to converge to instruction templates with minimal samples. Visit for full analysis. #Llama3 #GPT4

Explore the future of organizations run by AI with insights from Bindu Reddy and Yann LeCun. Learn about the importance of agency in AI architecture and the mindset shift needed for businesses to maximize AI’s potential from Cyril Coste. Ethan Mollick delves into the impact of AI on jobs. #AI #DigitalTransformation @bindur @ylecun @cyrilcoste @ethanmollick

  • Organizations run by AI will be 10x more efficient, inspiring a shift in mindset – Bindu Reddy.
  • Yann LeCun emphasizes the importance of agency in AI architecture and explores the concept of meta-cognition.
  • Cyril Coste advocates for AI as an amplifier, not a substitute, urging businesses to maximize its potential.
  • Ethan Mollick discusses the impact of AI on job transformation and highlights the uncertainties surrounding AI and jobs. Learn more:

Top voices in AI like Santiago and Simon Willison rave about the capabilities of Llama3-70B model. Soumith Chintala showcases its potential in English-only tasks. Paul Copplestone highlights running Llama3 on @supabase Edge Functions with @ollama. Santiago demonstrates effortless fine-tuning without code. Stay ahead with this game-changing AI model!

  • Llama3-70B takes the lead in AI performance and fine-tuning capabilities
  • Soumith Chintala showcases its effectiveness in English-only tasks
  • Paul Copplestone demonstrates running Llama3 on @supabase Edge Functions with @ollama
  • Santiago shows effortless fine-tuning without writing a single line of code
  • Simon Willison shares insights on accessing Llama3 using LLM plugins for hosting locally and API access
  • Stay updated with the latest advancements in AI modeling with Llama3-70B. Read more at

Top voices like Akshay, Maziyar PANAHI, and Junyang Lin are discussing the latest developments in AI models, specifically the Llama-3 releases. From Llama-3-Smaug-8B improvements to high-quality IQ based quantized models, the AIatMeta and AbacusAI are making waves with their new releases. Check out the latest updates on Hugging Face and see how these models are performing in the benchmarks. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the AI space! #AI #Llama3 #HuggingFace

Top voices in AI like Yann LeCun and Rohan Paul announce the release of Llama 3, featuring 8B and 70B models with 15 trillion tokens trained on a custom GPU cluster. Upscaled version to 11.5B parameters shows impressive results. Potential bugs in untrained weights identified.

  • 5B parameters without pretraining by Rohan Paul – Potential bugs in untrained weights discovered by Daniel Han – Impressive performance and scale in AI research

Exciting news from top voices in the AI community like NVIDIA AI Developer, Philipp Schmid, and Daniel Han! NVIDIA AI Developer hosts Llama 3 models on NVIDIA API catalog for superior performance. Maziyar PANAHI tests Llama 3 on NVIDIA H100 and A10G GPUs. Philipp Schmid shares a guide on fine-tuning Llama 3 70B with PyTorch and Hugging Face for consumer-size GPUs. Daniel Han recommends Kaggle for fast and efficient finetuning with Tesla T4 GPUs. Meta team launches Llama 3 on Kaggle for easy access and collaboration. #AI #NVIDIA #Kaggle #Llama3

Find out why Llama 3 by @AIatMeta is creating a buzz in the AI community. Top voices like AK, Philipp Schmid, and Mikel Artetxe are praising its performance and speed. Llama 3 outperforms other open LLMs and matches closed models from @OpenAI and @AnthropicAI. Explore the new Llama-3 models in 11B, 13B, and 16B sizes on @huggingface.

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Discover how researchers at @MIT_CSAIL are fine-tuning pretrained language models to specialize in their #ICLR2024 work. Meanwhile, @MultiplatformAI explores the impact of Small Language Models as effective alternatives. Learn more about the challenges and advancements in Large Language Models from @DataScienceDojo. @AK presents Google’s Reward Model Transfer for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Alignment.

Discover how @YouSearchEngine on WhatsApp is changing the way we search, while LangChain’s ChatGPT clone using OpenAI API and Streamlit is simplifying website building. Dive into the debate on AI research with and ChatGPT. Explore the world of convincing yet nonexistent scientific references created by ChatGPT. #DigitalTransformation #AI #ChatGPT4

  • @YouSearchEngine on WhatsApp is reshaping search habits\n
  • LangChain’s ChatGPT clone simplifies website building with OpenAI API and Streamlit\n
  • Delve into the debate between and ChatGPT for coding prompts\n
  • Uncover the world of AI-generated scientific references with ChatGPT\n
  • Top voices like Shubham Saboo and Cyril Coste weigh in on the AI revolution

Microsoft has released Phi-3, a new model with 3.8B parameters that competes with larger models like Llama-3 and GPT 3.5. Phi-3 comes in 3 sizes and is designed to run on smartphones. Top voices like Shubham Saboo, Philipp Schmid, and Sebastian Raschka are praising its performance. Learn more at Microsoft’s website. #Phi3 #Microsoft #AI

  • 8B parameters, outperforms larger models like Llama-3 and GPT
  • Comes in 3 sizes: mini (
  • 8B), small (7B), and medium (14B). Phi-3-mini matches Llama-3 8B performance. Top voices like Shubham Saboo, Philipp Schmid, and Sebastian Raschka are impressed. Learn more at [Microsoft’s website](
  • 14219).

Modi refutes claims of removing Yogi post elections, Rakhi Tripathi criticizes PM for hate speech, Shibin exposes UPA’s controversial land deals, Cataleyah calls out Modi for divisive comments, Analyzer praises Modi-Yogi bond. #Modi #Yogi #hatespeech #politics

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Industry experts like Delip Rao, Aaron Ng, and Bindu Reddy are raving about LLAMA-3, a cutting-edge language model that rivals GPT-4. With impressive performance on various devices, LLAMA-3 is shaping the future of AI language models. Find out more about this game-changing technology from the experts themselves.

  • Top voices in AI industry hail LLAMA-3 as a game-changer, with performance comparable to GPT-
  • Aaron Ng tests LLAMA-3 on different devices, showcasing its impressive capabilities.
  • Bindu Reddy emphasizes the potential for significant improvements over the base model.
  • LLAMA-3 ranks 1st in English language model competition, earning praise from experts at Meta AI. #AI #LLAMA3 #GPT4 #LanguageModels

Explore essential concepts of Time Series Analysis, Fraud Detection with Deep Learning, and practical Statistics for Data Scientists. Access selected chapters of books and resources recommended by top voices Kirk Borne and Jeremy Howard. Dive into the world of Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and predictive analytics with expert insights and guidance. #DataScience #MachineLearning #AI #Statistics #FraudDetection #DeepLearning #Python #NeuralNetworks #PredictiveAnalytics #TimeSeriesAnalysis #BigData

Key figures like Victoria Derbyshire and Lord Anderson of Ipswich speak out against the controversial Rwanda bill, questioning its priorities and potential consequences. MPs like Tommy Sheppard and Conservative MP Keiran Mullan also express concerns over the legislation’s implications on immigration and international commitments. Top voices like Simon Gosden and LBC highlight the political maneuvering behind the bill, with accusations of distraction tactics and attempts to weaponize immigration. Stay informed on the latest developments with #RwandaBill #UKGovernment #Immigration

Top voices in AI, including Ethan Mollick and MMitchell, discuss the competition between OpenAI and Llama 3 in developing state-of-the-art language models. The release of GPT-5 could determine the future curve of AI development. Find out more about the current state-of-play in AI technology.

  • Top AI voices like Ethan Mollick and MMitchell debate the advancements in AI technology \n
  • OpenAI’s lead in creating GPT-4 class models is being challenged by Llama 3-70B \n
  • The release of GPT-5 could be a game-changer in the AI landscape \n
  • Stay updated on the latest developments in AI innovation #OpenAI #Llama3 #GPT5

Stay ahead of the curve with workshops on Compound AI Systems by Naveen Rao and Matei Zaharia. Exciting talks by Richard Socher, Monica Lam, and Polynoamial. Engage with AI Camp at GitHub and dive deep into AI, LLMs, and ML. Join Prof Joyce Chai for NLP Seminar on Language Communication in Embodied AI. Submit your talks on ML + Security at DEF CON 32 AI Village by May 12, 2024. #AI #CompoundAISystems #NLP #ML #AIsecurity

Top voices in AI like Rohan Paul and Soumith Chintala are discussing the game-changing integration of PyTorch and JAX. torch2jax allows seamless mix-and-match of code, while quanto offers advanced quantization capabilities. The future of deep learning is here, with revolutionary tools and technologies. #PyTorch #JAX #AI

  • PyTorch standard library now implemented in JAX with torch2jax, allowing seamless code integration\n
  • Quanto toolkit offers advanced quantization features including int8, int2, and int4 weights\n
  • Revolutionizing deep learning with cutting-edge technologies discussed by top AI voices like Rohan Paul and Soumith Chintala

Top AI influencers like Akshay and Andrew Ng celebrate Meta’s release of Llama 3, available on @huggingface from day 1. Impressive results and record-breaking live podcast with over 2,000 listeners. @AIatMeta making waves in the AI community. #LLama3 #AI #Meta

  • Top industry voices like Akshay, Andrew Ng, and Junyang Lin praise Meta’s release of Llama 3\n
  • Llama 3 available on @huggingface from day 1, thanks to @finkd\n
  • Record-breaking live podcast episode celebrating Llama 3 release with over 2,000 listeners\n
  • Meta’s groundbreaking AI model making waves in the AI community #LLama3 #AI #Meta

Top voices in AI like bartowski, Tereza Tizkova, and Junyang Lin are making waves with the latest advancements in Llama 3 models. From code interpretation to increased token limits, the AI community is buzzing with excitement. Explore the updates and improvements now! #AI #Llama3 #Innovation

  • bartowski uploads quants for Llama 3 8B with official support on huggingface\n
  • Tereza Tizkova showcases code interpretation with Llama3\n
  • Junyang Lin troubleshoots Llama3-70B base model issues\n
  • Simon Willison announces increased Haiku token limits at AnthropicAI\n
  • Rohan Paul praises GroqInc’s llama-3 endpoint and open-source code interpreter

Top voices in AI like Philipp Schmid, Delip Rao, and Rohan Paul are buzzing about the recent breakthroughs with the Llama 3 AI model. From fine-tuning tasks to outperforming GPT-4, the AI community is abuzz with excitement. Stay updated on the latest developments and debates in the world of artificial intelligence. #LLAMA3 #AIbreakthroughs #OpenAI #AnthropicAI

  • Top AI voices like Philipp Schmid, Delip Rao, and Rohan Paul are discussing the latest breakthroughs with Llama 3\n
  • Llama 3 is showing promise in fine-tuning tasks and outperforming other models\n
  • Follow the debate on the future of AI with hashtags #LLAMA3 #AIbreakthroughs\n
  • Stay informed with updates from top voices in AI community

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