AI Roundup 21-4-2024

TOP AI Trends

Top voices like Richard Socher, Cameron R. Wolfe, and Andrew Mayne share insights on the growth and sustainability of AI, the implications of advanced AI on human labor, and the importance of understanding AI as a software process. Follow the conversation on #AI #future #society

  • Richard Socher emphasizes the importance of better answers for sustainable user experiences.
  • Cameron R. Wolfe discusses the steady growth of AI interest among audiences.
  • Andrew Mayne challenges misconceptions about AI’s impact on human labor.
  • (((ل()(ل() ‘yoav)))) highlights the need to understand AI as a software process, not an entity.
  • Arvind Narayanan delves into the distinction between capability and reliability in AI development.

Witness the groundbreaking speed of Groq Inc’s LLaMA 3, with impressive benchmarks of 284 tokens/s-876 tokens/s across 70B and 8B models. Top voices like Rohan Paul and Matt Shumer in awe of the game-changing capabilities. Experience it firsthand to unlock new use-cases. #GroqInc #AI #LLaMA3

Top voices like Bindu Reddy and anton are raving about Llama-3 70B reaching GPT-4 levels, highlighting its potential to improve further. Ethan Mollick praises its complexity handling abilities, while cautioning it lacks the ‘smarts’ of GPT-4. Corporate lobbying from closed-source AI labs expected to intensify. #AI #Llama3 #GPT4

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Insights from ground reports in Mathura reveal mixed opinions on BJP’s candidate Hema Malini. Amethi shows unhappiness with Smriti Irani’s tenure and support for Rahul Gandhi. PM Modi faces criticism for underwater puja and fake narratives. #LokSabhaElections2024 #ModiTohGayo

Join top voices like Marc Benioff, Aravind Srinivas, and Google AI for a day filled with AI insights and innovation. From SalesforceTour NYC to IIA AI summit at MIT, explore the future of AI with experts in the field. RSVP now for live sessions and panels on Real-Time AI applications, GenAI’s impact, and more!

  • Explore the future of AI at SalesforceTour NYC with Marc Benioff #SalesforceTour #AI #EinsteinPlatform #DataCloud\n
  • Join Aravind Srinivas at the IIA AI summit at MIT with Yann LeCun, Vinod Khosla, and Stephen Wolfram #IIAAISummit #AI\n
  • Learn about building Real-Time AI applications with Kafka + AI live session by Santiago #RealTimeAI #StreamingData\n
  • Dive into GenAI’s real-world impact at FullyConnected2024 with Weights & Biases #GenAI #FullyConnected2024\n
  • Join Google AI at ICASSP2024 Innovation Forum Panel on

Explore the latest insights on AI from top voices such as Cyril Coste, Richard Socher, and Ethan Mollick. Discover how AI can be a valuable tool in the workforce with a culture of continuous learning. Learn about the potential of AI as an advisor to humans and its impact on various industries. #AI #DigitalTransformation #FutureOfWork

Stay updated on the latest advancements in language model training with Meta Research’s LLM-TT toolkit and Microsoft and Tsinghua University’s innovative approach. Learn about maximizing efficiency with the KIVI memory optimization method and enhancing alignment with CodecLM synthetic data. Explore best practices on synthetic data for language models with insights from top voices like Machine Learning and MONTREAL.AI.

Top voices in the AI community like Yann LeCun and Delip Rao are buzzing about the upcoming release of Llama-3, a powerful open-source model. Early results show mixed reactions, with some praising its math problem-solving abilities while others note potential issues. Stay tuned for updates and fine-tuning tips from experts like Santiago and Delip Rao. #AI #Llama3 #OpenSource

  • Top AI voices like Yann LeCun and Delip Rao are discussing the upcoming release of Llama-
  • Early results show mixed reactions, with some praising its math problem-solving abilities while others note potential issues.
  • Stay tuned for updates and fine-tuning tips from experts like Santiago and Delip Rao.
  • Follow the conversation on Twitter for the latest news and insights. #AI #Llama3 #OpenSource

Meta’s new Llama 3 AI model has taken the AI community by storm, with top voices like Daniel Han, Aravind Srinivas, and Haihao Shen praising its capabilities. Llama 3 offers advanced knowledge and reasoning in dense 8b and 70b models, outperforming sparse MoEs. Nvidia stocks fall due to the model’s impact on the market, while Intel showcases how Llama 3 works across different hardware. Users can experience up to 3x speedup in transformers with `torch.compile` and utilize quantization to reduce GPU RAM usage.

Top voices in AI and philosophy such as Anil Seth, Richard Dawkins, and Jeff Clune pay tribute to the legendary Daniel Dennett who passed away. Explore the impact of Dennett’s work on consciousness and AI ethics. #DanielDennett #AI #philosophy

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Top voices like Mohammed Zubair and Ravi Nair criticize PM Modi for referring to Muslims as ‘Ghuspaithiya’ and insinuating they have more children in a divisive speech. AmOxxicillin FC exposes false claims about Congress favoring Muslims. Sunanda Roy highlights Modi’s questioning of resource allocation to Hindus over Muslims.

Top voices like Aravind Srinivas, Akshay, and Yangqing Jia are raving about the new Llama 3 model. Lightning fast deployment, easy integration with Lepton and LangChainAI, and support on Cloudflare WorkersAI. Chat with Llama-3 in a Lightning Studio now! Stay tuned for more exciting updates. #Llama3 #AI #Innovation

Top voices in the NLP community share insights on LLM alignment, long context summaries, and multimodal UI tools. Sessions on Flow Engineering with LLMs are creating waves. Markdown emerges as the preferred choice for LLM interactions. Exciting developments in the field of Natural Language Processing.

Top voices like Bindu Reddy and Rohan Paul rave about the superior performance and cost efficiency of Mistral AI’s Mixtral 8x22B Instruct model. Yangqing Jia confirms the success of shadowing traffic to 8x22b. Maziyar PANAHI offers a range of GGUF models for use on Hugging Face. The Mixtral 8x22B Instruct model outperforms existing models and is gaining traction rapidly.

Top voices in AI like Junyang Lin and Alvaro Cintas are raving about the lightning-fast performance of Groq’s Llama 3 AI model. Users are seeing impressive results in benchmark evaluations and real-world applications. Andrew Mayne praises GPT-4 but acknowledges Llama 3’s prowess. Try Llama 3 70B with Groq for instant, top-level answers. #AI #Groq #Llama3 #GPT4

Join the top voices in the AI community like Simon Willison and Soumith Chintala to explore the cutting-edge Llama-3-8B-Instruct and 70B models. Try them out on @replicate and @huggingface for a hands-on experience. Stay ahead of the curve with Meta-Llama-3-70B-Instruct!

Meta has launched Llama3 models with 8B and 70B sizes, featuring double context length and a new tokenizer with a vocab of 128k tokens. The models were trained on a custom-built 24k GPU cluster and show great performance on various benchmarks. Chat with Meta Llama3 8b Instruct for free on Spaces at… #Meta #Llama3 #AI

Exciting news for developers managing large asynchronous AI tasks: Introducing the Batch API to reduce costs and boost rate limits for tasks like summarization, translation, and image classification. Just upload bulk requests, receive results within 24 hours, and enjoy 50% off API prices. Learn more at #AI #BatchAPI

Discover the latest advancements in AI with the introduction of Anti-woke AIs like ‘Liberated Qwen’ prioritizing learning. Stanford HAI’s James Landay talks about the impact of AI on real-world problems. Explore the potential of AI to accelerate science and revolutionize industries. Top voices include 1LittleCoder, Anil Seth, and Rich Harang. #AI #Innovation #Science URL:

  • Introduction of Anti-woke AIs and Liberated Qwen prioritizing learning.
  • Stanford HAI’s James Landay discusses AI’s impact on solving real problems.
  • The potential of AI to accelerate science and revolutionize industries.
  • Top voices include 1LittleCoder, Anil Seth, and Rich Harang.
  • Explore more at

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