AI Roundup 20-4-2024

TOP AI Trends

Top voices in the AI community like Harrison Kinsley, Delip Rao, and Anil Seth are engaging in discussions on open-source AI models, deep domain thinking, and the future of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Check out the latest trends in data visualization and the importance of speed in AI model inference. Dive into a well-written paper on representation in AI and explore lecture slides on AI Alignment by Roger Grosse. Stay informed with the latest insights from the AI world! #AI #DataVisualization #AGI #DeepLearning #Ted2024

  • Open-source model teams showcase 2D mapping of AI models field along various axes. #DataVisualization #AImodels\n
  • Deep domain thinking leads to simplicity in AI with a focus on representation. Check out well-written surveys on the topic. URL:
  • 11735 #AI #Representation\n
  • Importance of speed in AI model inference highlighted. Great work from Together teams in achieving insane speeds. #AIInference\n
  • Full lecture slides and reading list available for Roger Grosse’s class on AI Alignment. URL: https://alignment-w
  • #AIAlignment\n
  • Discussing the future of AGI at TED2024 with insights from Demis Hassabis. From Atari to AGI, explore the breadth of AI impact beyond LLMs. #AGI #Ted2024

Discover the latest advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs) with insights from top voices Aran Komatsuzaki, Leon Derczynski, and Rohan Paul. Learn about Prompt Engineering and Fine-Tuning LLMs for perfect question answering. Explore groundbreaking studies on LLM Red Teaming and Hypothesis Generation for Scientific Discovery. Dive into the challenges and possibilities of LLMs in research.

Explore cutting-edge research and tools in the Large Language Model space with insights from top voices like Machine Learning, MONTREAL.AI, Multiplatform.AI, Rohan Paul, and AI Papers. Learn about open-source toolkit LLM-TT, CodecLM framework, KIVI memory optimization approach, and FedEval-LLM for federated evaluation. Discover best practices for synthetic data usage and enhancing LLM alignment with task-specific instructions. Stay informed on the latest advancements in AI technology and ethical standards.

  • Dive into the world of Large Language Models with insights from top voices in AI including Machine Learning, MONTREAL.AI, Multiplatform.AI, Rohan Paul, and AI Papers.
  • Explore open-source toolkit LLM-TT and novel frameworks like CodecLM for enhancing LLM alignment.
  • Learn about memory optimization approach KIVI and federated evaluation tool FedEval-LLM for downstream tasks.
  • Discover best practices for synthetic data usage in language models and stay informed on ethical standards. #AI #MachineLearning #LLM #LanguageModels #EthicalAI #BestPractices #Research #Tools #Innovation

Join the conversation on the latest Llama 3 release by @AIatMeta and explore tutorials, tools, and resources shared by top voices like Junyang Lin, Charly Wargnier, and Maziyar PANAHI. Discover new Llama 3 models on @perplexity_ai and delve into data quality insights. #Llama3 #AIatMeta

  • Dive into the Llama 3 release with insights from top voices in the AI community like Junyang Lin and Charly Wargnier\n
  • Discover new Llama 3 models on @perplexity_ai and join discussions on the Llama-3-8B-Instruct model\n
  • Explore data quality highlights and first impressions in the latest Llama 3 release by @elvis

Discover the cutting-edge AI model Llama 3 and unleash its potential on your machine with #gpt4all. Explore its capabilities with top voices like Nomic AI and AI at Meta. Try it now at and dive into research opportunities with Developers Digest. Get started with Llama-3 on platforms like @huggingface and @replicate for a seamless experience.

Top voices in AI like Bindu Reddy and Ethan Mollick are praising Meta’s Llama-3 as it competes with GPT-4. With the potential launch of GPT-5 and the rapid advancement of LLMs, the future of AI is looking brighter than ever. Follow the conversation with #AI #Meta #Llama3.

The release of Llama 3 by Meta has generated excitement in the AI community. Top voices like Andrew Ng, Niels Rogge, and Graham Neubig have praised the model for its capabilities. Delip Rao shared a quick overview of the release, while Mark Tenenholtz emphasized the quality of Llama 3.

Experience the thrill of learning algebra with ArcherAI, the top math tutor! Watch as students easily solve tricky equations and master valuable skills like variable isolation. Discover how ArcherAI makes math engaging and relatable. Join the #MathMagic revolution at! #EdTech

  • ArcherAI makes algebra fun and engaging for students\n
  • Watch as students crack tricky equations with ease\n
  • Learn valuable skills like variable isolation and equation solving\n
  • Join the #MathMagic revolution at\n
  • Experience the thrill of learning math with the top AI tutor, Archer

Experience the mind-blowing speed of Llama 3 by @GroqInc, serving over 800 tokens per second. Meta Llama 3 offers up to 350 t/s for Llama 3 8B and 150 t/s for 70B, unlocking incredible use-cases. Open models like Llama 3 70B at 224 t/s are set to improve rapidly.

Cutting-edge advancements in AI with Llama 3 FSDP and Q-Lora algorithms, achieving high token rates on Raspberry Pi 5. Benchmarking shows Llama3-70B-Instruct matching GPT4 levels. Explore collaborations and next steps with LLMLean API key.

Explore the latest AI art news, artist interviews, and useful tools & resources in Dreaming Tulpa’s free, once-weekly e-mail round-up. Join 3500+ subscribers and stay updated on the exciting world of AI art at

Check out the latest Llama3 model from Meta with 8B and 70B sizes available, 8k context length, and trained on a custom-built 24k GPU cluster. Great performance on benchmarks and more versions to come. Join top voices like Gradio and Yann LeCun in exploring the new features. #Meta #Llama3 #AI

Stay updated on the latest discussions and advancements in AI at #InnovationSummit Paris 2024 by @SchneiderElec, IIA AI summit at MIT with top voices like Yann LeCun and Vinod Khosla, #FullyConnected2024 conference, and #ICASSP2024 Innovation Forum Panel by Google AI. Don’t miss out on these impactful events shaping the future of AI!

  • Join #InnovationSummit Paris 2024 by @SchneiderElec for discussions on new energy landscapes and AI’s potential\n
  • Exciting IIA AI summit at MIT featuring top voices like Yann LeCun and Vinod Khosla\n
  • Register for #FullyConnected2024 conference to explore GenAI’s real-world impact\n
  • Attend #ICASSP2024 Innovation Forum Panel by Google AI moderated by John Apostolopoulos

Discover how AI is transforming healthcare with insights from top voices like Kyunghyun Cho, HealthAI, and Microsoft for Startups. Learn how AI is improving cancer care and enabling breakthroughs in drug discovery. Explore the future of medicine with Generative AI and AI-enabled technologies. #AI #Healthcare #DigitalTransformation #DrugDiscovery #CancerCare

  • AI has the potential to improve cancer care and advance drug discovery in healthcare globally. #CancerCare #AI #HealthcareHeroes\n
  • Top voices like Kyunghyun Cho, HealthAI, and Microsoft for Startups are leading the charge in harnessing AI for healthcare innovation. #TopVoices\n
  • Explore how Generative AI is revolutionizing healthcare and reshaping the future of medicine. Watch the full video here: #GenerativeAI #TheFutureIsHere

Discover how Llama 3 is revolutionizing the AI industry with lightning fast deployment in Lightning Studio by @LightningAI. Join the conversation with top voices like @Akshay, @Yangqing Jia, and @clem. Explore easy deployment on platforms like @aws, @microsoft, and @googlecloud. Try Llama 3 on Cloudflare WorkersAI with @LangChainAI.js!

Discover how AI agents are revolutionizing collaboration in tasks like software writing and disaster response. A strategic pivot towards AI-Agent Contracts by Phala Network marks a milestone in embedding AI in the Web3 ecosystem. Learn from top voices like Andrew Ng and Robert Scoble. Explore the potential of AI-powered collaboration and economic leverage in the decentralized AI landscape. #AIagents #MultiAgentCollaboration #Web3 #DecentralizedAI

Exciting news for developers! Introducing the Batch API to save costs and get higher rate limits on async tasks like summarization, translation, and image classification. Just upload bulk requests, receive results in 24 hours, and enjoy 50% off API prices. Learn more at… #BatchAPI

Discover the newly released snowflake-artic-embed models optimized for retrieval accuracy and efficiency by Snowflake. With models ranging from 23M to 335M parameters, these Apache 2.0 licensed models outperform others in their size category. Use them with ease through Streamlit demo app hosted on Hugging Face. Llama Index offers out-of-the-box support for these models, making it a one-liner to integrate. LangChain’s Python docs provide insights on how to use these performant models locally. #SnowflakeDB #ArcticEmbed #HuggingFace

Top voices in AI including Anil Seth, Thomas G. Dietterich, and AGI.Eth pay tribute to the late Daniel Dennett, a pioneering philosopher who shaped the discourse on consciousness and AI. His influence on the field will be dearly missed. #DanielDennett #AIcommunity #philosophy

  • Influential philosopher Daniel Dennett passes away, leaving a void in the AI community\n
  • Tributes pour in from top voices like Anil Seth, Thomas G. Dietterich, and AGI.Eth\n
  • Dennett’s work on consciousness and AI foundations will continue to inspire and challenge\n
  • Stay updated with reflections on his legacy:
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Explore Gemma models within the Hugging Face ecosystem with Google for Developers. InstantMesh code and model weights now available on Hugging Face. New free beginner friendly course on Quantization Fundamentals with Hugging Face by DeepLearningAI. Check out the impressive InstantMesh on Huggingface demo.

Meta has unveiled Llama 3, their latest open-source AI model that promises to revolutionize chatbots and upcoming AI features. With expanded capabilities and advancements in image generation, Meta AI is at the forefront of innovation. Top voices including Robert Scoble and TechCrunch discuss the implications of this groundbreaking release. Learn more at #Meta #AI #Llama3 #TechCrunch #Innovation

Discover cutting-edge approaches like Pipeline Forward-Forward Algorithm (PFF) for training distributed neural networks. Explore efficient model adaptation methods like ReFT proposed by Stanford researchers. Reduce AlphaFold initial training time to just 10 hours with ScaleFold. Dive into the impact of fine-tuning large models like CodeQwen1.5-7B and Mixtral-8x22B-v0.1 at LLaMA Factory. Compare MMLU and Training Data Size for 7 and 8B models. Stay updated on the latest advancements in artificial intelligence with top voices like Machine Learning, MONTREAL.AI, Multiplatform.AI, Rohan Paul, and AI Papers.

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