AI Roundup 19-4-2024

TOP AI Trends

Experience the power of Llama 3 with native browser acceleration and cloud hosting options on AWS Sagemaker, Microsoft AzureML, Google Cloud Vertex, and Hugging Face hosted solutions. Top voices like Tianqi Chen and Perplexity Labs are raving about the possibilities of this revolutionary AI model. Join the excitement and start building with Llama 3 today!

  • Llama 3 now available on AWS Sagemaker, Microsoft AzureML, Google Cloud Vertex, and Hugging Face hosted solutions. URL: #AI #LLama3\n
  • Native browser acceleration with Llama 3 on WebLLM with local inference accelerated by WebGPU. URL: #WebGPU\n
  • Exciting news from Perplexity Labs as they announce the availability of Llama 3 on their platform and API. Try it free at #PerplexityLabs #AIatMeta

Top voices like Bindu Reddy, Aston Zhang, and Nathan Lambert are praising Meta’s Llama 3 as a game-changer in AI innovation. The Llama architecture is predicted to drive the next breakthroughs in the OSD ecosystem. Meta’s latest paper on Imagine Flash is enabling new image generation features on platforms like WhatsApp. Learn more about the advancements in AI and AGI scaling with Meta’s Llama 3. #Meta #AI #Llama3 #Innovation

Exciting news in the world of AI as Llama-3 surpasses GPT-4 and closes in on Mistral 7B. Top voices like Bindu Reddy and Gradio are raving about its mind-blowing performance and potential to beat GPT-4. Check out the latest developments in the OSS community! #AI #Llama3 #OpenAI

  • Bindu Reddy hails it as far and away the best OSS model. Gradio highlights improved data quality and performance. Top voices like Bindu Reddy and Gradio are buzzing about the potential to beat GPT-
  • Stay updated with the latest in AI advancements and the OSS community. Learn more at URL.

Exciting news from Meta AI as they unveil Llama 3, featuring 8B and 70B models that are already competitive with GPT-4. The 400B model is still training but showing immense potential. Join discussions and explore the models at Top voices like Andrej Karpathy and Noam Brown are already celebrating the release. #MetaAI #Llama3

TechCrunch reveals the behind-the-scenes story of Boston Dynamics’ impressive new Atlas robot, showcasing its fluid motion and full-range joints. Will humanoid robots be working in factories soon? Find out in this eye-catching story featuring top voices like Spiros Margaris and Marques Brownlee. Stay updated with #BostonDynamics #AtlasRobot #TechNews

  • TechCrunch reveals the impressive new Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics\n
  • Humanoid robots could be working in factories sooner than expected\n
  • Top voices like Spiros Margaris and Marques Brownlee weigh in on the groundbreaking technology\n
  • Stay updated with #BostonDynamics #AtlasRobot #TechNews

Top voices like Vipul Ved Prakash and Daniel Han are raving about the incredible models from Meta Llama 3. Get blazingly fast inference speeds of up to 350 tokens per second with full precision on 8B and 150 tokens per second on 70B. Host Llama-3 8b and 70b on Anyscale Endpoints for a seamless experience. Try out the mind-blowing speed of over 800 tokens per second with GroqInc. Don’t miss out on this game-changing AI technology! #MetaLlama3 #AI #TogetherAI #Anyscale #GroqInc

Top voices like Ethan Mollick, Şerife Wong, and (((ل()(ل() ‘yoav)))) share their perspectives on AI, discussing topics like trust, impact on society, and anthropomorphism. Learn more about the debate on AI capabilities and the importance of understanding AI as a software process. Explore the concentration of power in AI and the need for public awareness.

Discover the latest research on language model alignment, self-improvement, and vector databases from renowned AI experts DAIR.AI, David Andrés, MONTREAL.AI, and Rohan Paul. Explore how Reward Model Transfer and CodecLM are revolutionizing LLM performance.

  • Learn about cutting-edge research on language model alignment and self-improvement from DAIR.AI, David Andrés, and Rohan Paul. #AI #LMAlignment #LLMImprovement \n
  • Explore the pivotal role of vector databases in enhancing Large Language Models performance with insights from David Andrés. #VectorDatabases #LLMs \n
  • Dive into best practices and lessons learned on synthetic data for Language Models from MONTREAL.AI. Read Liu et al.’s paper for more details:
  • 07503 #AIResearch #SyntheticData

Top tech influencers like Bindu Reddy and Ethan Mollick are raving about Llama-3, a game-changing AI model that is quickly closing the gap with GPT-4. With increased context length, MMLU, and coding abilities, Llama-3 is set to revolutionize the AI landscape. Discover how this small yet powerful model is making waves in the tech world! #AI #Llama3 #GPT4

Stay up-to-date on the AI art scene with Dreaming Tulpa’s free, once-weekly e-mail round-up. Get the latest news, artist interviews, and useful resources. Join 3500+ subscribers at Follow the top voice in AI art!

Top voices like Yangqing Jia, Maziyar PANAHI, and Rohan Paul are raving about the performance and cost efficiency of Mixtral 8x22B Instruct model. The model is outperforming competitors with its impressive math and GSM8K scores. Check out the buzz on Twitter! #Mixtral8x22B #AI #LLMMarket

  • Mixtral 8x22B gaining popularity in LLM market, shadowing traffic of top websites like URL:… \n
  • GGUF models now available on Hugging Face for Mixtral-8x22B-Instruct-v
  • 1 by @MistralAI. Check it out! URL:… \n
  • Impressive performance/cost ratio of Mixtral 8x22B Instruct model, outperforming 70B models. #AI #MistralAI #LLM

Discover the latest breakthrough in AI text generation with Llama 3. Top voices like William Falcon and Rohan Paul are raving about its speed and capabilities. Try Llama-3 now on Replicate and Sourcegraph for a seamless experience. Generate lightning-fast demos with InstantStyle + 2step SDXL-Lightning by Radamés Ajna. Get access to a full RAG app with Llama 3 in Lightning Studios with just one click. Join the AI revolution now! #AI #Llama3 #TextGeneration

Top voices in AI community like Junyang Lin and Charly Wargnier are buzzing about Meta AI’s new LLama 3 models. Early results show some challenges, but excitement is high for potential breakthroughs. Check out the full conversation and updates at and Join the discussion on #Llama3 and #AIatMeta.

Discover the latest advancements in language-understanding AI models through partnerships between LangSmith, Labelbox, and LangChainAI. Top voices in the field, including CerboAI and (((ل()(ل() ‘yoav)))), are leading the way with innovative LLM evaluation services and research. Join the conversation on leveraging LLMs for education technology at the upcoming workshop organized by Rose. Stay informed with groundbreaking insights shared by experts like Sebastian Raschka and Diyi Yang.

  • LangSmith, Labelbox, and LangChainAI collaborate to enhance LLM evaluation services.
  • (((ل()(ل() ‘yoav)))) shares insightful research on measuring language-understanding ability of LLMs.
  • CerboAI introduces Aya, a multi-language LLM powered by LS technology.
  • Join the conversation on LLMs in education technology at Rose’s workshop.
  • Learn from experts like Sebastian Raschka and Diyi Yang on aligning open language models. URLs:,
  • 06283, Hashtags: #AI #LLM #EdTech

Meta has just unveiled their latest open source AI model, Llama 3, which is hailed as one of the most advanced LLMs available. The model, accessible through UI, API, or SQL interfaces, is set to reach GPT-4 class capabilities. Stay ahead of the curve with Meta’s groundbreaking technology. #AI #LLM #Meta #OpenSource

  • Meta introduces Llama 3, the most capable open source LLM to date \n
  • Accessible through UI, API, or SQL interfaces for easy usage \n
  • Set to reach GPT-4 classification, showcasing cutting-edge innovation in AI technology \n
  • Stay updated on the latest advancements in AI with Meta’s groundbreaking release \n
  • Top voices in the industry, including Alvaro Cintas and TechCrunch, praise the model’s advancements

The highly anticipated Llama3 model is now available, with 8B and 70B versions trained on a custom-built 24k GPU cluster. Achieving great performance on benchmarks, Llama3-8B surpasses Llama2-70B in some cases. Top voices like Andrej Karpathy and Yann LeCun are praising the model. Explore the details and benefits in the blog post and model card provided by the creators. Get started with Llama3 using the helpful cookbook for direct usage from Hugging Face.

Discover the latest trends and tools in video content creation from top voices such as @whitep4nth3r, @leon_derc, and more. From overcoming overthinking to diving into short video landscape, get inspired and informed. Check out new releases and innovative ideas in the industry. #videocontent #innovation

  • Overcome overthinking and get back to video content creation with inspiration from @whitep4nth3r\n
  • Enhance your videos with new lighting equipment and creative ideas like @javahouseug and @camera_hub_256\n
  • Stay ahead of the curve with tools like for creating viral short videos

Discover how UNC-Chapel Hill is transforming AI with the CTRL-Adapter, revolutionizing control adaptation in AI frameworks. Learn more about the innovation in AI technology and machine learning. #AI #AIframeworks #UNCChapelHill

Ukrainian forces successfully shot down a Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber, preventing further missile attacks on Ukraine. The operation was a true success, with 29 aerial targets also being shot down. The Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine provided key intelligence for the operation. For more details, visit @NOELREPORTS, @WarTranslated, and @DefenseofUkraine. #Ukraine #Russia #Tu22M3 #MissileAttack

  • Ukrainian forces successfully shot down a Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber\n
  • The operation prevented further missile attacks on Ukraine\n
  • 29 aerial targets were shot down in total\n
  • Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine provided key intelligence\n
  • Follow @NOELREPORTS, @WarTranslated, and @DefenseofUkraine for more updates

Exciting news from top voices like Simon Willison, Greg Brockman, and more as they introduce the Batch API for AI tasks. Save 50% on API prices and get higher rate limits for tasks like summarization, translation, and image classification. Simply upload a file of bulk requests and receive results within 24 hours. Don’t miss out on this game-changing feature!

Meta has released Llama 3, a highly anticipated AI tool. Top voices in the industry such as Andrew Ng, Delip Rao, and Graham Neubig are praising the release. The AI community is buzzing with excitement over the new features and updates. Check out the details at #Llama3 #AI #Meta #AndrewNg #DelipRao

Discover the latest trends in AI agent architectures with insights from top voices like DeepLearning.AI, Robert Scoble, and Bindu Reddy. Learn about the capabilities of reasoning, planning, and tool calling for building complex AI-powered agents. Explore how AI agents are making strides in autonomy and user-friendliness, revolutionizing industries with innovative solutions. Check out the major update in Phala Network’s shift to AI-Agent Contract for embedding AI in the Web3 ecosystem. #AIAgents #Innovation #AIRevolution #DeepLearning #PhalaNetwork

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