AI Roundup 18-4-2024

TOP AI Trends

TechCrunch and top voices like Marques Brownlee and Shubham Saboo are buzzing about Boston Dynamics’ latest Atlas humanoid robot. The robot’s graceful and impressive movements could revolutionize factory work. Watch the stunning reveal video and see the future of robotics in action. #BostonDynamics #Robotics #TechNews

Top voices in AI community like Bindu Reddy and Mckay Wrigley are buzzing about Meta’s latest release – Llama 3. With impressive scaling abilities and code-based training, Llama 3 promises to set new benchmarks in the world of artificial intelligence. Additionally, Meta AI has expanded globally and enhanced its offerings, solidifying its presence in the industry.

  • Meta AI introduces game-changing Llama 3 model, sparking excitement among top voices in AI community like Bindu Reddy and Mckay Wrigley
  • Llama 3 showcases impressive scaling abilities and code-based training for enhanced reasoning capabilities
  • Meta AI expands to 13 new countries, strengthens presence with website launch and enhanced features, including Google-powered search and image generation capabilities
  • Stay updated on Meta AI’s latest developments at

Discover how Microsoft and Tsinghua University are innovating language model training for efficiency and effectiveness. Learn about the latest advancements in AI technology, including few-shot accuracy and high utility tokens. Read more at Multiplatform.AI. #AI #artificialintelligence #Efficiency #languagemodeltraining #llm

Explore the latest insights from leading experts like Yann LeCun, Nick Bostrom, and Yoshua Bengio on the development and implications of AGI. Discover debates on human-level intelligence, post-scarcity world, and the need for global alignment in AI development. #AGI #AI #FutureTech

  • Diverse perspectives on AGI from Yann LeCun, Nick Bostrom, and Yoshua Bengio\n
  • Debates on the concept of human-level intelligence and the future of AI assistants\n
  • Insights on the potential impact of AGI on labor, education, and global AI development\n
  • Stay informed on the latest discussions and debates in the field of artificial intelligence

Discover the future of AI innovation and the importance of specialized hardware in a recent podcast episode of #GradientDissent featuring CEO & Co-founder @RodrigoLiang from @SambaNovaAI. Get exclusive insights on AI hardware for enterprise. Listen now at:

  • Dive into AI innovation with CEO & Co-founder @RodrigoLiang from @SambaNovaAI
  • Learn about the importance of specialized hardware in unlocking AI’s potential
  • Exclusive insights on AI hardware for enterprise in the latest #GradientDissent episode
  • Listen now at:

Exciting news as Meta officially releases Llama 3, an open-source project. Top voices like AshutoshShrivastava, Matt Shumer, and Casper Hansen anticipate the launch. Details on Llama 3 can be found at Stay tuned for updates! #Llama3 #Meta #OpenSource

Discover the latest generation of models from Meta – Llama 3, offering 8B and 70B parameter sizes, setting new standards for performance and efficiency. The 400B model in training shows immense potential. Check out @AIatMeta’s blog for more details: [URL]

Get ready for the groundbreaking release of Mixtral 8x22B, a multilingual AI model with superior performance and efficiency. Developed by Mistral AI Labs, this model outperforms all existing open models in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. With native function calling and a 64K token context window, Mixtral sets a new standard in AI capabilities. #MistralAI #Mixtral8x22B #AIModel

  • 0 license\n- Top voices: Bindu Reddy, Robert Scoble, Guillaume Lample, Devendra Chaplot, camenduru, Sophia Yang, Ph.D., Rohan Paul, elvis, Mistral AI Labs,, Omar Sanseviero

Discover the new OSS king, Mixtral-8x22B-Instruct, now available on Perplexity Labs, Together API, and Anyscale! Outperforming all other open source models, it offers advanced function calling support. Get started today with pricing starting at $0.90/Million Tokens. Top voices in AI like Bindu Reddy and Yangqing Jia are already praising its capabilities. Run the model yourself or access it through APIs for seamless integration and development.

Reka has launched Reka Core, their most advanced language model yet, capable of handling text, image, audio, and video inputs. The model outperforms competitors like Claude 3 Opus and Gemini Ultra, and is competitive with GPT-4. #RekaCore #MultimodalLLM @YiTayML

Exciting news for developers managing large async AI tasks! Introducing the Batch API from top voices Michel, Rohan Paul, Connor Shorten, Romain Huet, and Peter Welinder. Save 50% on API prices, get higher rate limits, and receive results within 24 hours for tasks like summarization, translation, and image classification. Don’t miss out on this game-changing feature!

Don’t miss the DSPy End-to-End meetup on May 1st in San Francisco, featuring talks from top voices like @arizeai and @cohere! Learn about prompt engineering and compiler simplification with DSPy to optimize RAG apps with Weaviate & more. #languageModels #meetup #SanFrancisco

Explore the surging field of NLPL with insights from top voices like Andrej Karpathy and Delip Rao. Learn about the importance of control flow and training data in NL programming. Discover challenges with syntax in transformer LLMs and the creativity benchmark for Large Language Models. #NLPL #TopVoices

  • Hear from top voices like Andrej Karpathy and Delip Rao in the field of NLPL\n
  • Learn about the importance of control flow and training data in NL programming\n
  • Explore challenges with syntax in transformer LLMs\n
  • Discover the creativity benchmark for Large Language Models on HuggingFace:

Discover the latest trends in AI technology with top voices like Sara Hooker, Trending GitHub Repositories, and cohere. Explore the power of RAG and vector databases in generating cutting-edge legal AI assistants and chatbots. Join webinars, download repositories, and optimize your AI stack today! #AI #RAG #VectorDatabases

  • Cohere’s RAG technology and vector databases revolutionize AI knowledge curation\n
  • Join webinars with Sara Hooker and learn about successful cases like @hireborderless\n
  • Trending GitHub Repositories showcases cutting-edge knowledge curation systems\n
  • Enhance your AI stack with tools like @cohere and @weaviate_io\n
  • Explore repositories like C4AI Command-R for AI assistance and LLM-powered chatbots #AI #RAG #VectorDatabases #GitHub #Webinars

Exciting release from PyTorch with torchtune, a PyTorch-native library for fine-tuning LLMs, offering memory optimizations and easy integrations. Explore single-GPU recipes for efficient fine-tuning. Learn more from top voices like Rohan Paul, Morgan McGuire, and Thomas Capelle. #PyTorch #TorchTune #LLMs

  • PyTorch unveils torchtune, a library for fine-tuning LLMs\n
  • Single-GPU recipes with memory optimizations\n
  • Easy integrations and extensibility\n
  • Top voices like Rohan Paul, Morgan McGuire, and Thomas Capelle share insights\n
  • Explore tutorials and documentation for a seamless experience

Explore the latest research on Large Language Models (LLMs) by top voices in the field like Charly Wargnier, Rohan Paul, and Nathan Godey. Discover insights on enhancing LLM alignment, challenges in ensuring safety, and the limitations of small LMs. Dive into the world of LLMs with impactful papers and frameworks.

Discover how AI mentors boosted profits for top small business entrepreneurs by 15% in Kenya, while facing challenges with low performers. Top voices like Ethan Mollick and Richard Socher discuss the importance of AI as an advisor and the issue of explaining AI results to build trust. Learn more about the potential of AI in hardware startups and the misconceptions surrounding AI capabilities. #AI #SmallBusiness #Entrepreneurs #Trust #HardwareStartups

  • AI mentors lead to 15% profit boost for top small business entrepreneurs – @Ethan Mollick \n
  • Challenges observed with low performers with AI mentorship – @Ethan Mollick \n
  • Importance of explaining AI results for building trust – @Ethan Mollick \n
  • AI’s impact on hardware startups discussed by @Richard Socher \n
  • Misconceptions surrounding AI capabilities and the need to understand it as a software process – (((ل()(ل() ‘yoav)))

Snowflake DB has launched the new Arctic Embed family of text embedding models, ranging from 22 to 335 million parameters, under Apache 2.0 license. These models outperform others in the same category, including from OpenAI and Cohere. With support from top voices like Xenova, LangChain, and Jerry Liu.

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Explore the latest developments in the world of VR and AR, from MCC-HO’s groundbreaking 3D object reconstruction to Figmin XR’s innovative Web Browser. Discover how Dan Miller’s AppleVisionPro demo is changing the game with 3D portals, and witness the magic of augmented reality with Siqi Chen’s Simulon app. Plus, don’t miss out on Butz Yung’s XR Animator bringing Live2D mocap to life. Join the conversation with top voices like 80 LEVEL, Move AI, and Siyuan Huang. #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality #Innovation

Explore the potential of AI agents in revolutionizing management, website design, and complex AI-powered architectures. Read insights from top voices like Bindu Reddy, Robert Scoble, and Ethan Mollick. Gain a primer on AI agents and their capabilities. Learn how AI can replace managers and enhance productivity.

Explore how AI and telemedicine are leading the charge in digital healthcare post-pandemic. Learn about Generative AI in healthcare, AI’s potential to transform medicine, and how AI is reshaping the future of drug discovery. Don’t miss out on the latest advancements in healthcare technology! #DigitalTransformation #HealthcareHeroes #TheFutureIsHere

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