AI Roundup 24-4-2024


Top voices like Ethan Mollick and Yann LeCun discuss the potential of AI in various sectors. Mollick emphasizes the importance of recognizing the impact of GPT-4 class AI. LeCun believes AI will surpass human intelligence but not imminently. Arvind Narayanan highlights the distinction between capability and reliability in general AI development.

  • Ethan Mollick stresses the significant impact of GPT-4 class AI in work & education. #DigitalTransformation #AI \n
  • Yann LeCun predicts AI will surpass human intelligence but not in the near future. #AI #FutureTech \n
  • Arvind Narayanan discusses the importance of the capability-reliability distinction in general AI development. #HumaneAI #ArtificialIntelligence

Discover Google’s groundbreaking Infini-attention method and Patchscopes tool for enhanced discussions and comprehension with large language models. Learn about KIVI’s memory optimization approach and speculative decoding for MLLMs. #AI #GoogleAI #MachineLearning #Interpretability #LargeLanguageModels #Innovation

Discover the groundbreaking AI wearables, beverage trends, decision-making reflections, game development, and enterprise solutions by Multiplatform.AI. Stay updated on the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning. #AI #Innovation #Tech #MultiplatformAI #TopVoices #LearnMore

Top voices in AI like John Rush, João Moura, and Jacob Lee are raving about the latest advancements in AI agent technology. Learn how to build BabyAGI with DSPy on, create Anthropic Agents with LangChain, and build AI Agents on the cloud with crewAI!

Witness the cutting-edge advancements in robotics technology with Boston Dynamics’ latest all-electric Atlas robot, revealed to the world in a jaw-dropping showcase. Dive into the details and behind-the-scenes story with TechCrunch’s coverage by @bheater. Connect with top voices like Marques Brownlee, Kris Kashtanova, and more for their reactions. #BostonDynamics #AtlasRobot #TechInnovation

Top voices in AI research, including Rohan Paul and Sasha Rush, discuss groundbreaking papers on language models. Quiet-STaR introduces self-teaching capability, while analysis of small LMs uncovers limitations. Cohere For AI highlights language model performance across multiple languages. Discover the latest insights and advancements in NLP!

Stay updated on the latest developments in the crypto world with a substantial airdrop from @nim_network, limited edition NFT minting opportunity with Ultiverse Gold Chip, and AI-driven $ZIG’s successful buyback & burn program. Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities! #Airdrops #NFT #Cryptocurrency #AI #Blockchain

  • ANCIENT SEED $NIM AIRDROP from @nim_network\n
  • Ultiverse Gold Chip NFT Minting Soon with Binance’s successful airdrop campaign\n
  • AI-driven $ZIG’s Buyback & Burn Program with 29M+ tokens bought back & burnt

Discover how Archer, an AI tutor, is revolutionizing math education by guiding students through complex geometry, algebra, and financial math problems. Follow along as students overcome obstacles and improve their math skills with Archer’s assistance. #EdTech #LearningWithAI #MathMadeEasy

  • Watch as students tackle circle area problems and algebraic equations with Archer’s guidance. #GeometryGurus #ArcherAI
  • Learn creative ways to help students grasp area calculations and variables. #MathTutoring
  • See how Archer helps students crack the code on financial math and % increase problems. #MathsFun #EducationTech
  • Explore strategies for gently nudging learners to persist and succeed in math. #LearningWithAI #EdTech

Discover the latest innovation from Reka AI Labs with the launch of Reka Core, their most advanced multimodal language model yet. Outperforming competitors and showcasing unparalleled capabilities in text, image, audio, and video understanding. Follow @RekaAILabs for more updates. #RekaCore #MultimodalModel #AIInnovation

  • Reka AI Labs introduces Reka Core, a groundbreaking multimodal language model\n
  • Core excels in human evaluations, surpassing competitors in video and image understanding\n
  • Follow top voices like @RekaAILabs, @YiTayML for insights into cutting-edge AI technology\n
  • Learn more about Reka Core’s capabilities and advancements in language modeling at [URL]

Top voices in #B2B #TechInfluencer community are buzzing about Boston Dynamics’ latest creation, a revolutionary humanoid robot named ‘ZomBot’. The robot boasts elite athlete-level agility and a wide range of motion, impressing experts and enthusiasts alike.

Top voices like Dreaming Tulpa and Cyanpuppets are pushing the boundaries of AI technology in creating high-quality 3D avatars and video frame interpolation. From PhysAvatar turning multi-view videos into 3D avatars to SGM-VFI handling large motion in videos, the advancements are groundbreaking. Tools like Cloth + Softbody in #GeometryNodes and baking animation to camera in Blender 4.2-alpha are also changing the game in 3D animation and modeling. Explore the possibilities with these innovative tools and techniques!

Join Surya Ganguli at the National AI Advisory Committee to discuss advancing biology and human health with AI. Ron Bodkin to lead a panel on closed vs open source AI at the Rabbit Hole AI conf. Cohere For AI hosts AI & Technical Governance event. Amba Kak speaks on misconceptions around evaluating generative AI at @genlawcenter event. Grace Isford highlights upcoming events in NYC. Don’t miss out on these insightful discussions and networking opportunities! #AI #events #tech #NYC

Exciting news for developers managing large async AI tasks! Introducing the Batch API from Michel, Rohan Paul, Connor Shorten, Romain Huet, and Peter Welinder. Save 50% on API prices, upload bulk requests, and receive results within 24 hours for tasks like summarization, translation, and image classification.

Stay informed about the latest developments in AI with top voices like Ronald van Loon and MMitchell. Learn how AI is shaping elections globally through AI Elections Tracker by @restofworld. Discover innovative projects using OpenAI and LangChainAI agents in tech articles. Follow @Saboo_Shubham_ for more AI updates and rumors on GPT-4 architecture.

Join the Hugging Face ML for 3D Course starting May 15, 2024, taught by dylan. Cohere For AI presents a talk on variational autoencoders with Matthew_N_B. Also, don’t miss the presentation on categorical deep learning by PetarV_93 from GoogleDeepMind. Stay updated with ML theory and research trends!

Stay up-to-date with the latest AI art news, interviews with artists, and useful tools & resources by subscribing to Dreaming Tulpa’s #aiartweekly newsletter. Join 3500+ subscribers and dive into the world of AI art at Top voice in AI art community.

Stay updated on the latest advancements in PyTorch Lightning with top voices such as Simo Ryu, Andrej Karpathy, and Soumith Chintala. Discover new implementations like conditional D3PM, faster MacBook GPU development, and improved performance with TF32. Explore the official docs at and GitHub repositories for cutting-edge research.

  • Explore the world of PyTorch Lightning with top voices Simo Ryu, Andrej Karpathy, and Soumith Chintala.
  • Discover groundbreaking implementations like conditional D3PM and accelerated MacBook GPU development.
  • Learn about performance improvements with TF32 and optimized softmax kernels.
  • Dive into official docs at
  • Access GitHub repositories for the latest research and advancements in deep learning. #PyTorch #DeepLearning #AI

Top voices on Twitter, including Ian Miles Cheong and Elon Musk, react to NPR CEO Katherine Maher’s comments on truth being a distraction to finding common ground. The statement has sparked debate on the importance of truth in modern society. #NPR #Truth #CommonGround

Explore unique AI art prompts from top AIArtists on AI4Prompts platform. From Japanese illustrations with flowers to surreal oases of love and longing, unleash your creativity with these exciting prompts. Sell your own prompts and join the AI art community today! #aiart #digitalart #generativeart #aiimages #AI4Prompts

Unlock the power of long-context retrieval with domain-specific embeddings in legal edition, as discussed by top voices Christopher Manning, Tengyu Ma, and more. Explore the latest research and benchmarking opportunities with Voyage AI. Join the conversation at #AI #LegalTech #Research

  • Dive into cutting-edge domain-specific embeddings and retrieval in legal edition with top AI researchers like Christopher Manning and Tengyu Ma.
  • Unlock the first 50M tokens free from Voyage AI for academic research and benchmarking.
  • Discover the efficiency of models like Electra and DeBERTaV3 in handling massive contexts.
  • Learn about faster CPU processing with LLaMA’s latest PR by Justine Tunney. Join the conversation and explore more at #AI #LegalTech #Research

Join Weights & Biases at Fully Connected, their annual conference for generative AI on April 18th. Register now to hear from industry experts like Ersin Yumer from @Adobe and Dr. Károly Zsolnai-Fehér from @twominutepapers. Secure your spot at and be part of the conversation. #FullyConnected2024 #GenerativeAI #TopVoices

Discover the latest findings on how the brain processes information, learns, and reboots through exposure to nature. Explore groundbreaking research on AI’s ability to sketch what you’re picturing and extensive brain wave patterns. Dive into the world of neuroscience with top voices Yann LeCun, Ronald van Loon, Kristie Leong M.D., and Captain Pleasure, Andrés Gómez Emilsson. #Neuroscience #AI #BrainResearch #Nature

Top voices in AI like Subbarao Kambhampati and Eugene Vinitsky discuss the potential of LLMs in planning and generating unit tests for code agents. Chris Levy and Leon Derczynski share their experiences with Modal and Axolotl AI, showcasing the power of these tools in AI development. Rohan Paul marvels at the capabilities of local LLMs, hinting at a future where vectors hold immense knowledge. Learn more about the role of LLMs in shaping the future of AI development. #AI #LLM #coding #technology

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